Rice Ceremony


Rice Ceremony

Rice ceremony or what we often call it Annaprasan, is a significant ritual in our Indian culture. The birth of your little angel requires the adequate amount of celebration and must be as grand as the smile it has brought to your face..


Invite them


The rice ceremony is meant for some close people. You can make it a gala one or just keep it small with personalized invitation ideas. Not just the picture of your cute little one, but you can put down some rhymes or few lines.




A variety of food is served on the baby’s plate as well as for baby’s gusts. Food for the prasad is usually rice pudding (kheer or payash) if you want to offer your baby something sweet. Or it is plain mashed rice with ghee and some well-cooked dal if you want to include savoury fare.


Some also choose to have an elaborate celebration and serve fried rice, pulao, vegetables, meat and fish along with kheer.

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